Semi-automated crimping

Belit Electronics is in possession of semi automated crimping machines. Machine operators crimp terminals to the open ends of the wires.

Once the machine and the applicator adjusted based on the terminal which is going to be used, the operation is conducted in a precise, reliable and serial manner.

It is possible to conduct terminal crimping on these machines on wires with diameters from 0.15mm2 to 6mm2(26AWG-10AWG).

A pull test is conducted in order to measure the rate at which the crimped terminals can come loose from the wires. Based on the diameter of the wire the extraction force is evaluated as a kN type and DIN IEC 60352 standard.

Other standards can be used based on different requirements. The terminal crimping in conducted by our skilled and educated technicians.

Our customers can be sure that their terminal crimping will be conducted at high quality and in a reliable manner.

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