Custom cable assemblies

Belit Electronics manufactures cable assemblies of various configurations and requirements. Belit Electronics utilizes high-speed cutting, stripping, and crimping machines as much as possible in order to improve process repeatability, increasing the overall quality of its products

Advantages :

  • Wide range of experience and capablity within the industry
  • Maximum efficiency, precision and reliability
  • Maximum quality
  • Low costs

Belit Elektronics is dedicated to maintaining high quality, and reliability through controlled, repeatable manufacturing processes and on time delivery.

All cables, connectors, terminal and crimping is done based on the technique, using the right kind of equipment and machinery. Workmanship quality is always maintained at a certain level.

By using various test equipment %100 quality control of cable assemblies can be conducted. Our customers can always be assured that they will be delivered high quality cable assemblies.

Services & Capabilities

Industries Served

With the wiring harness assemblies, cable and electromechanical assemblies it has been making since its establishment Belit Electronics has been working with numerous customers from industries listed below. learn more...